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Rectangle Duo Combo | Teak Planter Holder

Rectangle Duo Combo | Teak Planter Holder

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Unlock endless possibilities with the versatile combos of our Teak Collection wall-mounted planter holders! These functional beauties not only save valuable floor space but also let you create your very own 'Pihoo Walls' – a personalized oasis of greenery.

Mix and match our hexagon, square, and rectangular planter holders to design a living masterpiece that perfectly complements your style and space. Whether you dream of a lush vertical garden or a minimalist arrangement, the Teak Collection has you covered.

Small Combo

What's included: 2 x Rectangular Planter Holder 6"x9"
Product Dimensions: 6"x9" x 4" Width

Big Combo

What's included: 2 x Rectangular Planter Holder 6"x12"
Product Dimensions: 6"x12" x 4” Width

Specify "With" or "Without" back planter holders at checkout or get in touch over WhatsApp @+91-9082658900 after placing the order.

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